Posted by: Richard Bergstrom | September 4, 2011

Echoes – A Poem

Echoes by Richard Bergstrom

I have been everywhere, and I have never left home.
I have seen everything, and I have never opened my eyes.
I have loved every man and woman, and I have raped them.
I have kissed a tree, and I have used a tree to wipe my butt.
I have helped every human being, and I have killed every one of them.
I have loved God, and I have also destroyed Him.
I have spoken every language, and I have never communicated.
I have written poetry, and I have cursed in slang.
I have complimented people on their actions, and I have condemned them for the same actions.
I have sung every song, and I have screamed insults at people.
I have had numbers of people working for me, and I have fired every one of them. 
I have always valued personality, and I have been attracted to people with good looks.
I have hated people for hurting others, and I have hurt people myself.
I have lived forever, and I have died every day.
I have made perfect sense, and I have been a contradiction.
However, with all the things I have done, I have never lost hope in the future.
I am the human spirit.



Richard Bergstrom (@rbergstromjr): Love – the ability to wonder about a person, to value what you see, and to be optimistic about what you will see in them in the future.

Charles Perkins (@charlieperkins7): “Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let the light in.” – Anon

LeVar Burton (@levarburton): As good a reason as any… RT @jodema To ease my #WhiteGuilt I have just followed LeVar Burton. #SoThere

Jimmy Rollins (@jimmyrollins11): Success is right around the corner. Do things the smarter way, not the harder way!!!

Kevin Green (MySOdotcom): “There is real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.” N. V. Peale #RockTheReTweet



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