Posted by: Richard Bergstrom | September 6, 2011

Life is Like an Orange


Life is Like an Orange by Richard Bergstrom


You know, life is kind of like an orange. After all, there are millions of different oranges in the world, and they all taste or look just a bit different… some are a bit more sweet than others, and some are quite sour… some have thicker peels than others, and some you can’t peel without ripping into the orange… some have seeds in them, and some break easily into pieces… some are not even eaten, but just drop to the ground and decay away … most importantly, I can not explain to you what an orange tastes like, or why one tastes better than another. An orange, after all, tastes… sweet… juicy… tangy… orangey??? I might as well be describing a piece of candy… unless you have tasted an orange, you would have no idea what I was describing. Even if you had tasted an orange, I may call a sweet orange what you may call a sour orange… or you may consider a thick peel what I consider a thin peel… I may love oranges and you may hate oranges… you may say that the orange that fell from the tree is helping to fertilize that same tree… and I may think it is just wasting away. All I can hope for is that you understand how I think an orange tastes even if you do not agree with me.


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  1. haha very nice! i guess we posted something around the same wavelength haha. i also wish that people would at least understand how i like my orange, even though they might like a different kind of orange. thanks for an orangy post!

    • Nothing wrong at all with posting things on the same wavelength, just means more people are getting in tune right? Wish some of my fellow Cub fans would join me in that regard.

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂

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