Posted by: Richard Bergstrom | September 18, 2011

A Hole In The Ground – Poem

A Hole In The Ground by Richard Bergstrom
Have you ever sunk so low that everytime you reach up to get a breath
all that bears fruit is more dirt to cover yourself with?

Have you ever wondered if you were just star-crossed, that fate had a
cruel sense of humor, that you were cursed by the gods, that wherever
you leaked the world hung a bucket, or you are just plain damn

Have you ever needed for someone to help you out of the dirt so bad
that you offered your life, your soul, and more to get out, just to
have your saviour shiver in disgust and turn his other cheek away from

Have you ever wanted that Good Samaritan to pop out of the Bible to cleanse
your wounds, for Jesus to heal you when you are sick, for Noah to come
sailing along in his Ark to save you from the advancing waters, or for
God to show mercy for when you ate from the apple?

Or have you wanted to just stay, watching, waiting, and needing the
world to throw you a rope
While you stay in your hole
Buried by your own sorrows?


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