Posted by: Richard Bergstrom | September 23, 2011

Revelation – A Personal Story


It happened seventeen years ago, in early February…  a day just like any other.

I was eating at the school cafeteria.  A garden-burger with cheese (I was in a rabbit-food mood)
Two glasses of skim milk, a glass of orange juice, and a cup of mountain dew.  No one’s perfect.
I took my time at lunch, like usual.
I was sitting alone, which was not too unusual either.
I was eating slowly…
And thinking…
Not that unusual either.
I think it started with the burger…
But I remember the napkin more.
I started wondering how long it took how many people to make that napkin.
To cut down the trees that made the napkin.
To design the computers that made the napkin.
To build the machines that made the napkin.
To box, ship, and the unpack that napkin.
To put those napkins in the dispensers.
And to throw them out after I had wiped my mouth.
Not all that amazing, I had thought like that on other trivial items before.
Then I wondered, what would they be doing if they did not have to make those napkins.
Granted, they might be out of a job if no one used napkins…
But, I also realized that they may have made many sacrifices to keep such a job.
For what I considered a minor item.
If I, and others, had not needed napkins, would they have a job they consider more fulfilling?
Did they miss any opportunities or appointments because of my “needs”?
The death of a friend, the birth of a child, their son’s first baseball game…
Their daughter’s first day at school?
How many of them said that they could not enjoy a walk at the park because they had to go make napkins…
Then, I realized, they were not the only ones that were sacrificing…
The people who made the environmentally conscious garden-burgers…
The people that milked the cows so that I can indulge myself on some skim milk.
The people who made the tray that my lunch sat on… the chair I am sitting on…
The building I am eating in…
I realized I was using people.
Worse yet, I realized that everyone did, and did not even notice it.
Using people was common-place in our world…
I finished off as much as I could and walked outside.
My eyes were fixed on the ground, but not out of depression…
I was thinking about the concrete, and trying not to step on any ants…

           Go away my friend…
Forgive me father.
           I do not want you near me.
For I have sinned…
           I may say too much…
And now I will show you yours.
           And ignorance is truly bliss.

Who would make a world like this?  People not only use and abuse nature, but each other… and it is accepted as a fact of life.  Why should it be?  I realize that the world is not perfect, and it should not be.  After all, if it was perfect, how would we know it was?  We would have nothing imperfect to compare it to.  But still, isn’t it a crime to waste the lives of so many people for items we definitely do not need to survive?  And even worse, that no one notices it?  It is unjust.  It is wrong.  It happens every day.  I thought the only way to do something right might be to commit suicide.  But then, my family would worry about me.  People would have to build a coffin… they would have to dig me a grave… they would have to come to a funeral that, chances are, I would not realize was happening.  My final act in this life, in an attempt to stop such suffering, would result in a high amount of needless suffering… but only for a short amount of time.  What can I do?

I was in shock.  Everything around me took a darker color.  I could not even take pleasure in two children playing soccer in the park.  So naïve, so innocent… having fun at the expense of others without even realizing it… I could not even relax by sitting on the bench… after all, someone could be sitting on that bench and enjoying it more than I am right now…  even me just being in the area may cause others to walk away instead of relaxing…  all I could think about was how many people had wasted a portion of their lives just to give me a place to sit.  I could not even thank them… that, at least, would have given me some comfort.  Just to tell these people that, even though they are ignored by everyone else, I appreciate them.

           There is an answer
           Assuming there is a destiny
On the third day
           And a purpose to life
He rose again
           Have faith

Not in God, or any religion.
Just have faith
That people will evolve to a point where there is no more mutual abuse.
A higher consciousness that will realize that this is not needed for survival.
Maybe even a higher life-form.
I know they talk about the end of the world in the Bible, and I smiled softly to myself.
Anyone who has been to Los Angeles can tell you that the moon is as red as blood.
But not many people notice it.
They will.

The end of the world will come.
We will be surprised at all the wrongs we had committed.
We will be looking at the world in a different way.
And we will all realize that the skies did not fall in the literal sense.
But the world will never be seen the same.


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  1. It is an accepted fact of life, people using and abusing, isn’t it. You made me laugh re the napkin though – I think deeply like that!

  2. Yeah it’s an accepted fact, and perhaps a bit too accepted… you’d think with all this technology though, I’d hope we would use and abuse each other just a tad bit less.. it’s not like we’re foraging for berries anymore.

    Thanks for the feedback

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