Posted by: Richard Bergstrom | September 30, 2011

A Response to A Soapbox

I am writing this for myself and not for you.

I do not accept your apology.

I found I had two choices. I could lie to myself, gloss over the mocking, condescending and assumptive tone contained in your messages regarding my awareness and intelligence in virtually everything you have said to me and delude myself into thinking you actually respected me or were interested in my point of view but that you “just didn’t know better”. Thus, I either believe that you are dumb or that I am dumb for not properly understanding you. Or I can acknowledge that someone who thinks that they have “honest zeal to have the truth be told” would not utter such a fake apology. I accord you respect in that I think that you are smart, and thus, that you did “know better”. And yes, you had “intent to bother” me.

Thus, believing you are a smart individual, I then weigh whether communication is possible and whether it would be something I was interested in. In my eyes, someone interested in spreading awareness of the truth would respect the possibility that the listener has the potential to listen and learn. You did not show me that respect. Someone who would like communication and dialogue would find a common ground and understanding with which to do so. You continued to incite and agitate and post in an inappropriate forum, including your apology, when you could have just as easily responded to my blog posts or emailed me like you did this afternoon. I came away with the impression that you bludgeon people with conversation until they either agree with you or go silent. Since I will not agree to something that I perceive as incorrect, I will not meeky agree. Nor do I morph myself into the “silent majority” that quietly listens to the loudest voice on the soapbox thereby giving that speaker some sense of false validation.

Yet even if communication would have been difficult with you, I have undergone difficult communications before if the topic was something I was interested in. I hold little interest in your topic. From my belief, it is one more symbol of “the powers that be” pulling the strings and it isn’t the latest nor the last. Yes, I have studied conspiracy theories. I spent some time trying to pinpoint whether the star symbol on Mitsubishi cars represented the home star system of the Grays. I wrote two posts on conspiracy events. I had advised you to do your research but if you had, you did not seem to give that impression. Nor did you seem open to the possibility that I have already been through the material you sent me. Yes, most of the video clips you have sent me, I had already seen before. But, to put it more bluntly, only interests me in an academic fashion. is barely a snippet of the big picture, a symptom of the disease. Frankly, I think people make too big of a deal of it. It’s just another case study for the underlying scheme of things going on in the world behind the curtain and people investigating the minutae of distract themelves from learning about the big picture of what is really going on and developing a cure.

Thus, I do not think communication with you is possible nor is it something that interests me. If I want to talk about conspiracy theories or the New World Order with people, I have friends who pursue the truth and can engage in discussion with respect for myself and for other listeners. I enjoy those conversations _with_ like-minded people. I do not enjoy being talked _at_ as if I am some sleeping sheep, nor the type to have my attempts at civility ridiculed, nor will I give the proverbial Dr. Ferris my silent sanction. You, sir, missed your opportunity to validate the optimism I had for decent, honest conversation with you.

Thus, after this message, I most likely will not talk with you again since I have seen little evidence that you are interested in what I think, just whether I either agree with you or whether I’m “too dumb to understand.”

Richard Bergstrom


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