About Richard Bergstrom

I am a 35 year old guy from Denver, Colorado with a Master’s Degree in Education, a Bachelor’s in History, Minor in Writing. So naturally, I design and code reports for a living. When I’m unplugged from work, I enjoy baseball, League of Legends, creative writing, keeping up on current events, a good cup of Starbucks hazelnut mocha and karaoke.

I think that by the time everyone reaches the age of 25 or so, we’ve all become a bit weathered around the edges. Yet every so often, that inner puppy dog hops out of you and plays around, chasing the ball in the grass on a sunny day with no more care in the world besides to get the ball just because it is there and it oh so wants to be played with even if the ball is a Happy FunBall. We do get that urge to have fun, be silly, and semi-throw caution in the wind and hope to emerge afterwards with a smile on our face and a story to tell our friends and family.

Feel free to comment back and/or write me and say hello! I love getting feedback, positive or negative, as long as it’s constructive. Through that, we all learn.

Richard Bergstrom


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